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Affordable historical hashtag data

Extracting historical data related to a hashtag on platforms like Twitter and Instagram is now easier than ever. Socialert provides custom reports and in-depth information regarding any hashtag. Provide the time duration of your choice and the hashtag you wish to track, and we will deliver all the crucial details related to it. Yes – it is really as simple as that!

Simply click on Request button and fill a basic form to help us know about the hashtag you wish to track, its duration, the preferred platform, and other details. By paying as less as $50, you can extract historical information regarding a hashtag.

What's included in Historical Reports?

  • A visual dashboard showing hashtag metrics like reach, impressions and more
  • A downloadable Excel report including insights about requested keyword

What is included in our historical hashtag analytics report ?

Historical data related to a provided hashtag is extracted by our tool on Twitter and Instagram.

historical performance for all activity

Analyze your performance

Extensive information related to its reach, impression, mentions, sentiments, replies, and other activities are provided..

React instantly

The report will also cover details regarding the key influencers and the top contributors related to the given hashtag.

historical hashtag analysis
historical report for reach and impression

Track Influencers

Report can help you find influencers and their contribution in terms of reach and impression on your social media campaign.

Top Performing Content

Hit the bull’s eye and get every viral posts with our Twitter tracking tool. Explore our reports to approach the right kind of user generated content.

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