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SociAlert is a great way to track and monitor hashtags for your business. It's helping me tremendously

Madalyn Sklar

Twitter Marketing Strategist. Host of #TwitterSmarter chat

Socialert is a great tool to analyze mentions for our twitter handle. It helps us to devise our marketing strategy by identifying key influencers and active users around our brand.

Jerry Low

CEO at Web Hosting Secret Revealed (WHSR)


Hashtag metrics
Take the assistance of our hashtag analyzer to measure metrics including hashtag reach, impressions, users, viral posts and more.

Timeline Distribution
We show 20 hour slots in timeline graph to measure when your campaign had maximum and minimum posts during campaign.

Geographic Distribution
Geography distribution of posts or followers in percentage across the globe. It helps to measue where people posts from on specific keyword

Analytics Report
In socialalert dashboard you can use filters to change date-time range for the present data since the time you created campaign.

Seperate Historic Data
Track every piece of posts for hashtag campaigns with our historical hashtag reports with no time limitation. They are not part of regular plan but can be ordered here for one time payment

Data search filters
Socialert provides a page for each campaign to view all posts. Data filter help you to filter based on country, followercount, sentiment, profile keyword

Influencer And Users Tracking
On our analytics report we rank influencer and users based on their engagement and total posts count. You can even check their reach, impressions, posts contribution and more in excel reports

Top Linked Stories
Each report list URL's with their count. It helps to show popular links on your keyword or hashtag. Helps you to know which content went viral

Top Posts(In order of engagement )
Total Number Of Tweets Including Retweets And Replies.

Top URL's/Top links stories
Count of each URL used in the tweets with topmost URL with count on 1st position.

Top Hashtag profile keyword
Count of hashtags used within tweets in order of their count.