Calculate Social Reach

Now you can easily discover your Twitter reach with our state of the twitter listening tool. Our dashboard provides an in-depth detail regarding hashtag impressions, active users, reach, and more.

Identify Social Audience

Get to know about users who don’t even mention your handle with our effective social listening platform. Never give your customers a chance to complain again.

Track Sentiments

Our social media measurement tool also provides a seamless way to track sentiments regarding a keyword. Just perform a social analysis and identify different kinds of users.

Social Customer Support

With our social monitoring tool, you will never have an angry customer again. Give your users an amazing experience and make Twitter your biggest sales magnet.

Grow with our
Social Listening Tool

Discover everything with our Social Listening tool

Participate in Social Discussions

Participate in Social Discussions

Be a market leader by tracking social discussions or tweetchat using Socialert. Get to know about the latest events and reach out to more people in an effortless way.

Customer Loyalty

Foster Customer Loyalty

Avoid an upcoming crisis and track sentiments with our tool. Perform social media customer support like a pro and always be there to help your customers.

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social media monitoring tool

Find Key Influencers

Our social media monitoring tool will make sure that you get to know what’s in and what’s not without any trouble, letting you identify relevant influencers.

Get more out of Social Listening

Get more out of Social Listening

With our dedicated support, you can easily count social mentions and analyze the reach of your hashtag and keywords. Get it all in one place with Socialert.

It’s Time to Get Noticed on Twitter

Discover others with our social mention tool

Measure with social mention tool

Get to know what your audience is talking about with our social media mention tool. With one click, our social mention platform can provide crucial information regarding the overall reach and impression of your branded keywords.

It is believed that 70% of tweets get unanswered on Twitter. Eliminate the noise and focus on what matters the most with our hashtag counter and reach out to more people in less time.

Never miss a lead and always be available for your audience with our real-time dashboard. It is time to redefine your social media measurement strategy with Socialert.

track social mention count and insights for your brand terms and hashtags

How Social Media Monitoring Helps

Socialert is a must-have tool for everyone who manage social media. We produce great reports you can share with clients in single click.

Social media competitor analysis


If you want to bring an edge over your competitors, then you need to have an in-depth knowledge of your industry. Got to know about the ongoing trends in the market and learn every essential detail about your competitor in order to outshine them using our social media competitor analysis tools .

Easy market research

Easy market research

Before you come up with your next marketing plan, commence your market research with the help of our social analytics. Know what your audience wants and bring a much-needed change in your marketing plan after performing a holistic research.

Create social community

social community

Make your presence count by building your own community on various social media platforms. With the help of Twitter monitoring, make sure that your followers are able to turn into your brand ambassadors.

Understand your audience

Understand audience

Know what your audience is talking about your brand and be involved in the conversation to win them over. Let your consumers know that you are different and gain more traction with your faultless influencer marketing plan.

Better social analysis

social analysis

When you get a whole new perspective about your brand, coming up with an engaging campaign would be a child’s play. Get to know more about your previous social campaign results and make a data-driven step with Socialert.

Involve your workforce


You can’t be a leader if you don’t have the support of your employees on social media. Get everyone involved and keep a track of their participation with our reliable social media analysis tool.

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