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Get instant reactions from your audience by getting user-generated content from Twitter on your hashtags. Use our hashtag monitoring feature and save your time.

Monitor your TV Hashtag

Know how your audience is reacting to your hashtag by aggregating tweets on your hashtag. Filter response from your audience with our sentiment tracker.

twitter audience analysis

With our real-time dashboard, you don’t have to think twice before interacting with your audience. Our twitter audience analysis tool will certainly change the way you work.

Beat Competitor hashtags

Get to know how your competitors are performing on social media and read their updates instantly with our audience analytics.

Be a Publishing
Expert with Hashtag Analytics

Identify new trends and tap user-generated content

Identify Trends

No matter what time or place it is, with our live hashtag tracker, you can get instant updates regarding your next story.

Track Sentiments

Work on your story by getting genuine feedback from your audience. Our hashtag monitoring tool will let you track sentiments regarding a story in no time.

hashtag analytics report by socialert


Dig a little deeper and perform an extensive research regarding a subject while working on your next story. Count hashtag impressions without any trouble.

Get On-ground News

Be a part of a revolutionary conversation and unravel something new with our Twitter tracking tool. Get on-ground news instantly on your dashboard.

Track everything related to tv show hashtag

A hashtag tracking tool for Reporters

Use power of Twitter Tracking

When it comes to media, it is all about making it first. Socialert will make your job a whole lot easier by letting you track hashtags like a pro.

Be in touch with your audience and get to know about an on-ground activity with our hashtag analyzer.

Learn how to track hashtags instantly using our dashboard and be a force to be reckoned with in media and publishing. It is high-time you stop following others and be a leader instead.

track twitter insights for your brand terms and hashtags

Twitter Hashtag Tool For TV shows

Unique tool to track tweets for your TV programs. We measure sentiments, trending tweets on your hashtag in real-time.

Instant On-Ground News

Get immediate reaction of the people to any event and news that is happening around them. From our social analytics tools, know what the newsworthy trends are. Never miss any news with our excellent keyword monitoring that will give you immediate notifications for respective news, the moment it will take place. By this, you will always be ahead in the game and would be able to make the best of the 24-hour cycle. For a journalist, work never stops, but our effective tool will let you take that much-needed break while working on your behalf. Connect with the most influential people and quote them as per their social statements. It is time for the next news to come to you!

Be an Expert in Publishing

Socialert will let you bring a breath of fresh air in the same old mundane work that you are doing by giving you a chance of publishing the very best of content. Be fresh and track content with the ease of your fingertips as our social media monitoring tool will help you understand your audience in a better way. Know what other users are sharing and talking about so that you can always stay ahead of your competitors. Write a story from an insider’s perspective and get better shares and promotions for your content.

Break Stories and Identify Trends

From local to global, Socialert will help you extract any information through its helpful social listening tool so that you can extract your information from a diverse pool of sources. Attain seamless hashtag tracking and keyword monitoring on the basis of any location to get real-time updates. Take the help of publicly shared images by users and give a personalized touch to your story by embedding their live tweets. This can’t be done without our excellent social media monitoring service that is a must-have tool for every journalist out there.

Generate User-driven Content

Publish the kind of content that your users would love to read. Include multimedia reports and graphs in your stories if you want to attract your reader’s attention and quote other user-generated content to let them relate to your stories. Identify influencers and know what other influential people and talking about. Know the insights of any industry, and give your readers exactly what they like, by seamless brand monitoring and hashtag tracking.

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