Hashtag Engagement

Track Metrics Related to hashtag performance like tweet count, users, reach, related hashtags, impressions for your hashtag campaign or twitter contest.Our hashtag checker tool provides count of tweet, retweets as well replies done using the hashtag in a visual graph.

Hashtag Audience

Discover your hashtag contributors on your hashtag tweets . Track and rank users with the twitter impressions count they made by using hashtag in their tweets .Find user ranking whose tweets have been most retweeted and users who are most mentioned in hashtag campaign.

Top Tweets

There are tweets which make most impact of hashtag. these are called top tweets of hashtag campaign. we rank top tweets of hashtag with retweet counts. With our hashtag analytics we can even sort tweets with twitter impressions generated. You can download all tweets in excel.

Hashtag Sentiment

Track the sentiments of users who posted tweets. If you are running a political hashtag campaign,it is helpful to know if your audience is having positive, negative or neutral sentiment on specific topic you are promoting. It is very helpful if your topic is trending on twitter.

Advanced twitter hashtag charts
related to hashtag campaigns

Track hashtag campaigns in real time as well download historical data using hashtag tracking tool

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Track Hashtag Popularity

Socialert provides visual graph which count tweets and show comparison of tweets, replies and retweets on hashtag. Socialert report also provides comparison of twitter reach vs impression generated on hashtag. If retweet to tweets and reach vs impression ratio is good it means hashtag is getting popular.

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Hashtag Research

By performing hashtag analysis of your competitors branded hashtag, you may know their twitter audience. you can find the key people who make most impact for their brand. Follow them and request to be part of your brand campaign.

tweet  analytics report by socialert
Twitter account tweets analysis

Export Tweets

Socialert provides visual graph where you can check users with their tweet and retweet count. However you can download all hashtag tweets in an excel sheet as well. It provides a lot of information including hashtag reach, impressions, twitter engagement etc.

finding twitter influencers

Hashtag Influencers

By analyzing twitter hashtag, you can easily identify users who are mostly retweeted and mentioned by other users. These twitter influencers are impportant for your brand since they make mst impact on your twitter campaign. Use this information for success of next hastag campaign.

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Experience twitter hashtag analytics like never before!

If you are planning to trend your hashtag or any topic on twitter you need tracker that shows you hashtag performance in real time. socialert provides hashtag metrics like which user is making more tweets or users who generates more impressions by quality content in real time. Use this vital information to plan rest of your campaign.

You can easily track influencers who are being mentioned more in tweets with your hashtag. Besides that, you can also download all twitter data in excel.

Instead of using multiple tools, you will get all the important details on your dashboard.

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Export Hashtag Tweets And Explore Historical Twitter Data To Excel

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Extracting Historical Data

Socialert also extract historical twitter hashtag data related to old hashtag campaign. Simply specify the duration and the hashtag on our historical report page and download the data accordingly.

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event hashtag analytics features by socialert

Twitter Trending Report

If you are looking to track twitter trending topic or hashtag in real time, socialert helps to do the same. Even you can search twitter trends data using the filters to know users who are posting on hashtag in real time.

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