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Track all followers for any public twitter account. Take the assistance of our twitter follower app to find verified follower as well recent follower in visual chart.Use this information to know followers of your competitors who matters for your brand.

Export Twitter Followers

You may need to download twitter follwers data for your competitor or even your brand account to know more about them. Socialert exports list of twitter followers in an excel with their following time, twitter follower count, tweet count as well country.

Following Analytics

Socialert also provide number of twitter account followed by a particular user in particular time duration. It also provide twitter chart for top following who have higher number of followers to know connections of any particualr twitter account.

Export Twitter Following

Socialert also export list of twitter following for any twitter account. You can use this information to know when particular user was followed and even count of twitter following in the given time duration.

How To Search Someone
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Twitter Follower Count

Socialert provides a seamless solution to count followers of any twitter account for the given time duration. You can download all twitter followers in excel where you can check and sort followers by their following time. By using excel formulas you can know twitter followers count for any time duration.

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Find Inactive Twitter Followers

When you ecport all twitter followers list in excel we also provide number of tweets by followers. sort the followers by tweet count in excel. Followers with less tweet count are inactive twitter followers which you can unfollow since they provide no value to your brand.

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Twitter account tweets analysis

Track Most recent followers

Socialert visual report also shows recent followes with their twitter follower count in the report. When you download excel data you can even check followers with their following time. It helps to know who is following particular influencer and competitor which can be helpful for your brand

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Twitter Follower Profile Analysis

By analyzing twitter followers for any twitter account, you can easily know kind of people who follow them. Socialert report provides profile analysis of followers so that you can know which field they belong to. You can use this information to know audience of any brand and work accordingly.

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Socialert follower analytics shows you top followers as well verified followers for any twitter account you wish to analyze. It shows top profile keywords used in the twitter profiles which helps to analyze twitter audience for your competitors.

Socialert follower chart is good enough to know when someone followed particuar brand so you can easily count number of followers. You can even filter and search follower data inside the exported excel to reveal who tweet most and who is not active on twitter.

Instead of using different tools to track twitter data, you can get all kind of twitter tracking in one place

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Search Twitter Followers By Location And Keywords

Bring a revolution to your twitter marketing by finding followers location

Follower Location Tracking

Socialert provides a visual report where we show percentage of countries your followers are from. You can check world map where we show twitter followers country in a list

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Search Follower Data

Since Socialert exports follower list in excel you can simply search name, handle and keywords in their twitter profiles. Even you can sort followers on basis of follower count and number of tweets posted.

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